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If you have a WordPress site – congrats! You’re in great company. But don’t let the data or complexities of WordPress scare you. The leading cause of problems with WordPress sites stems from neglect and improper maintenance.

If your site is not working the way you want, hosted where you want, or connected to social media in the way you want, let The Web Pro Geeks take the reigns and get everything back in shape.

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Our team keeps your site running past the finish line!

Customer Testimonials

“I have known Kristina Louise for many years on a personal and professional level. I have seen her work in action and have always been in awe of how multi-talented she is. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I had my blindfold on thinking I can do it all, even my own DIY Brochure website. There was no denying my website looked DIY, but I convinced myself I did not need it any better; it was just an “online business card”. Kristina Louise practically begged to redo my site because it was just that bad. After Kristina Louise did her magic, simple never looked so good. I am now PROUD to give out my website. She has instilled a new level of confidence, especially in this new COVID era, where most work is virtual – the need for a clean, professional, and effective website is vital. I would without a doubt recommend her services.”

Ingrid Andersen Pottinger

Independent Insurance Agent, Clear Solutions Insurance

“After what Kristina Louise has done for me, I’m convinced she’s a sorceress. I’m a DIY blogger – I tend to agonize my way through technical challenges as they arise, and in the past I’ve been able to manage on my own. Recently, when a blogpost I’d written went viral and my site crashed, I knew it was time to switch hosts. I completed the migration myself only to discover I’d lost some important data in the process. After going in circles with tech support and several “techie” friends trying to recover the data, I called Kristina Louise. In a few hours, she had the problem resolved with zero involvement from me. What a tremendous relief to know I have her in my corner.”

Kristen Mae

Novelist, Abandoning Pretense

“Kristina Louise, The Savior! Don’t look any further, don’t procrastinate and try to brainstorm other solutions, don’t continue wasting time with a developer that isn’t getting the job done. Drop everything, contact Kristina Louise, and hire her NOW. She literally saved the day. We had a marketing campaign and a conference where we needed a fully functioning site. After working with freelancers that sold us on a pipe dream and a site launch date nearing, we finally had to bite the bullet, admit defeat and quickly find a different solution. Enter Kristina Louise. She took our vision, developed and launched a site that not only met, but exceeded every expectation. And, her dedication must be noted. Kristina Louise worked on our site to meet our deadline while she evacuated for a hurricane. Enough said.”

Eugene Ebron

President, Heritage Pharmacy

“When I first met Kristina Louise I was drowning in a sea of complicated projects. I was able to help my clients with strategy and design but getting the tech work done was a challenge. I had worked with several seasoned programmers but none of them were able to get my specific, fastidious needs met FAST. And that is her specialty, speed. Not only is the quality of work superb but she is also VERY fast. I highly recommend Kristina Louise, the ultimate geek.”

Mavi Ramirez

Lead Visionary, Re-Envision Harmony

“Reliable. Professional. Conscientious. And amazingly efficient.

As an author, my website is my lifeblood—I can’t do business without it. After some coding glitches threatened the usability of the site, I went around and around with several other programmers, trying to troubleshoot the issue. Enter Kristina Louise. She had everything fixed and running perfectly in less than an hour (and me back in business). If you need technical assistance, I cannot recommend Kristina Louise highly enough.”

Meghan O'Flynn

Best-Selling Author, Pygmalion Publishing

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